Margules Groome are independent consultants specialising in the forestry, wood products, bio solutions, pulp & paper, and agricultural tree crop sectors.


  • Corporate Forestry

    Providing advice, best practice analysis and documentation on independent asset valuations / appraisals (including carbon) for financial reporting, performance monitoring, transaction due diligence, damage assessment, property division, including other areas. We observe all applicable national and international valuation and financial reporting standards.

  • Transaction Support

    We assist clients with transactions on either the Vendor or Purchaser side of timberland / carbon asset and business sales through our vendor due diligence process and global investor network help to increase bidder participation and competition. For Purchasers our due diligence work offers expert insights to allow a fair judgement of bid value to be reached.

  • Market Analysis & Insight

    We conduct in-depth primary and secondary research and analysis of global forest, wood product and carbon markets. To support your business strategy, we undertake market segmentation analysis to identify the trends in the historic, current and likely future price of your product.

  • Technology Solutions

    Our extensive across-industry experience enables us to design and implement fit-for-purpose IT systems. These include forest planning, scheduling and optimization tools, forest management information systems (FMIS), remote sensing and the use of airborne sensors to measure growth and advanced data analytics and modelling using various software technologies.

  • Operations

    To improve profitability throughout the value chain, we use diagnostic tools to identify performance gaps and quantify upside potential in monetary terms. Our operations experts can both review current and develop new business processes, as well as assist you to establish effective key performance indices.

  • Strategy & Sustainability

    Helping you grow and position your business or products for the future through growth strategies, market analysis and competitive positioning, carbon offsets, feasibility studies, scenario planning, benchmarking and risk analysis.


  • Forestry

    Our expertise covers all the major forest types, including hardwood and softwood plantations and natural forests.

  • Bio Solutions

    Our bio solutions expertise include biomass for energy, bio fuels, bio based chemicals, bio plastics and other composites.

  • Wood Products

    The teams expertise covers all wood products, including sawnwood, panels and engineered wood products.

  • Pulp & Paper

    We have detailed knowledge of all major pulp, paper, packaging and hygiene grades.

  • Agricultural Crops

    Our team bring specific previous project experience with rice, palm oil, sugar cane, sago palm, lentils, cotton, fruit bearing trees and rubber.

Who We Are

We are industry professionals who function across a range of levels, from the boardroom to operations. Our clients include government, public and private enterprises in the forest and wood product sectors.

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