• Australian Harvest & Haul Cost Index – June 2021

    10th June 2021

    Margules Groome’s quarterly harvest and haulage cost index for Australian plantation operations is based on actual price indexation mechanisms used by industry weighted by volume harvested. The previous index published in June 2020 showed a massive fall in fuel prices, some 29%, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic control measures on fuel demand.

  • Australian Softwood Residual Log Price Index – June 2021

    10th June 2021

    Margules Groome’s Australian Softwood Residual Log Price Index measures domestic softwood plantation residual log prices (excluding exports). The index is a measure of the residual log value to the forest owner once harvest and haulage costs are subtracted from mill door log prices. It is a measure of the forest owners log margins or the spread between log prices and logistics (delivery) costs.

  • Opinion: Climbing Timber Prices

    28th May 2021

    Timber prices have reached new peaks in recent weeks in US. According to Rob de Fégely, Director of Margules Groome “the same could happen here”.

  • Growing the Plantation Estate

    19th March 2021

    The virtual Outlook 2021 conference took a place on 2-5 March and explored Growing Australian agriculture in an uncertain world with insights on the opportunities and challenges ahead.
    Rob de Fégely was the speaker at Growing the Plantation Estate session.

  • Russia’s Log Export Ban

    19th March 2021

    Russia exported 15 million m3 of logs in 2020, accounting for almost 12% of globally traded roundwood. Much of this trade may come to a halt in 2022 when a new law proposed by Russia’s president will ban the export of softwood logs and high-value hardwood logs in January 2022. The Russian government is also considering measures to reduce illegal logging and restrict the export of green lumber.