Remsoft Operations – A New Cloud Based Solution for Daily Operations Management

22nd June 2019

Remsoft is a well-known provider of forest planning optimisation software, with more than 150 clients in 14 countries. They have been providing software solutions to the forest industry around the world for the last 27 years.

In late 2018, Remsoft released a new application called Remsoft Operations. This marked an exciting new era for Remsoft as it is the first offering on their new cloud-based, web services platform that’s been developed over the past 2 years.

Remsoft Operations provides a unified view of your company’s planning and operational data. It is a hosted, daily use application to manage your complex supply chain from production to mill/customer. It provides real-time scheduling and information visibility to manage harvest, delivery, wood flow and inventory on a volumetric and financial basis. Further, it synchronizes with your daily production data to enable tracking and measuring of actual to plan-variance at a contractor, product, client, etc. level.

Structured around a powerful centralized SQL planning database, Remsoft Operations also integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise Server so your planners can switch easily between spatial and non-spatial views of information. It features powerful built in analytics and dynamic dashboards to enable reporting, analysis and information sharing at any level of detail. It provides role-based security allowing for fine-grained access control on the functions available to users and stakeholders within your organisation. These include operations, woodflow, and finance. It also provides for access to select functions you also want exposed to external partners such as contractors.

To add even further intelligence to the solution, Remsoft Operations optionally provides in-application integration to Remsoft’s powerful optimization functions to address complex annual planning, woodflow, and delivery problems.

Remsoft Operations is implemented and hosted on an enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure cloud architecture – making it scalable, secure and accessible to users from any location or device.

Through our consulting projects with numerous clients across the Southern Hemisphere and now into Europe, Margules Groome regularly sees where an application like Remsoft Operations could add substantial value to our clients’ business. For most companies, short-term forest operations scheduling functions are conducted and managed in disconnected and non-standardized spreadsheets and databases. We believe that by bringing your data into a centralised database and linking the data to a scheduling and analytics solution such as Remsoft Operations, will highlight areas to increase profit margins, streamline woodflow, improve fulfilment and support strong operations budgeting. It further provides dynamic two-way data integration with any of your existing systems so that you can have a truly connected planning solution.

As Remsoft’s business partner in Asia Pacific region, Margules Groome continues to work closely with Remsoft to help clients improve their planning and operational systems through the implementation of Remsoft software solutions. Our skilled technical consultants are also happy to review your current forest management systems and advise on where modern digital technologies can improve your business operations.

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