Joint Research Report – China Forest, Log & Lumber Report: Supply, Demand & Prices to 2030/2035

2nd December 2023

The China wood products market is becoming complex! A slowdown is one thing, but there are some new and evolving fibre supply dynamics that will be played out in China over the next few years and beyond that should be game changers. We are predicting by when and what happens when China’s economic and construction problems are ameliorated, and a degree of confidence is restored. This is likely to result in significant supply-side responses and changes. All these factors could lead to some surprising and positive changes in prices for softwood log and lumber exporters. The current ongoing rapid expansion of the China’s pulp and paper capacity will also create exciting opportunities for hardwood woodchip exporters.

To provide the wood products trade with a better read and perspective on what’s next for China’s forests, market and import requirements, Russ Taylor Global (Canada) and Margules Groome (New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands and South Africa) have teamed up to present a strategic analysis and outlook of China’s plantations, and log and lumber supply/demand/prices in: China Forest Log & Lumber Outlook: Supply, Demand & Prices to 2030/2035. We also have some expert contributors to our report.

Fieldwork in China has been conducted by both firms, and a joint log and lumber price forecast will be one of the report’s highlights. This will also include a supply/demand analysis and outlook for hardwood woodchips in China’s rapidly expanding pulp sector.

A full report brochure and pricing on China Forest Log & Lumber Outlook: Supply, Demand & Prices to 2030/2035, can be viewed here.

Early Bird prices are in effect until December 31, 2023. The report is scheduled for February 2024.

About the Authors:

Russ Taylor has produced four previous China outlook reports (2006, 2010, 2013 and 2018) and various private client forecasts. Russ has produced another 41 multi-client outlooks covering a variety of countries, products and topics. In addition, during his 35 trips to China, Russ has organized and managed 9 international industry tours in China and managed/co-managed 10 China conferences.

Margules Groome are independent consultants to the forest, wood products, biosolutions, and pulp and paper sectors. In 2021/22, Margules Groome valued ~US$30 billion worth of timberland, covering two million hectares in 15 countries. The continuous monitoring and analysis of the Chinese market is a key component of its valuation and transaction advisory services.