Forest Valuations – Taking a Broader Perspective

22nd June 2019

Margules Groome was a proud sponsor of the recent IFA Seminar and Workshop Taking a Broader Perspective organised by the IFA Subcommittee for the Australian Forest Valuation Standard.

The Seminar was hosted in Hobart and well attended with over 90 participants comprising around half IFA/AFG members and half interested professionals seeking a deeper understanding of latest developments in forest valuation methodology and issues.

Speakers at the seminar covered the major topics one would expect at a seminar of this sort, including:

  • Market drivers, transaction and ownership characteristics
  • Purpose and methodology for valuations and audits
  • Risk and
  • Professional development.

In keeping with the theme of the Seminar, several speakers discussed broader topics including:

  • Green Bonds
  • Natural Capital Accounting and
  • Environmental Economic Accounting
  • Natural Forests

A key point was the challenge and opportunity for the profession and sector to incorporate cutting edge thinking in recognising new values streams whilst preserving the integrity of valuations for investment decision-making.

The Seminar also heard updates on the NZIF Revised Forest Valuation and discussed an invitation to work towards an alignment of the Australian and New Zealand standards. The next meeting of the Subcommittee will be at the ANZIF Conference 25-28 August in Christchurch NZ.