• African Wood Products Investments

    Growing Interest In Engineered Wood Product Manufacturing in Africa

    6th November 2019

    By 2050, Africa will be one of the largest markets in the world with a population exceeding China’s. The development of a continental free trade area is well underway. Africa’s population will include a significant middle class with an increasing appetite for consumerism. These developments create opportunity for forest and wood product investment and development. Tanzania is one country with potential and Margules Groome is excited to participate in the development of opportunities in Africa.

  • Timberland Market Update December 2019

    6th November 2019

    The Timberland Market Update covers key economic developments globally that may impact forest and wood product markets and investment and includes regional reviews for Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America and Africa

  • Australian Softwood Residual Log Price Index, June 2019

    7th September 2019

    Margules Groome’s Australian Softwood Residual Log Price Index measures domestic softwood plantation residual log prices (excluding exports). The index is a measure of the residual log value to the forest owner once harvest and haulage costs are subtracted from mill door log prices. It is a measure of the forest owners log margins, or the […]

  • Australian softwood supply – where to from here?

    3rd April 2019

    It has been predicted for many years and reality has finally come, Australia is now short of softwood log supply. While our softwood harvest has reached 17 million cubic metres the average volume over the last 10 years has been marginally over 15 million cubic metres per annum.

  • Wood Pellets — 2018 Review & Market Update

    12th January 2019

    2018 proved to be another booming year for the global wood pellet market with a 26% growth rate compared to 2017. Reported global pellet trade reached a significant 23.8 million tonnes in 2018 (compared with 18.9 million tonnes in 2017).