• Remsoft User Group Image

    Upcoming Remsoft User Group Meeting in Australia

    9th September 2019

    Remsoft is bringing their ever-popular User Group meeting to Melbourne in late October 2019. As Remsoft’s business partner in the Asia Pacific region Margules Groome Consulting have been collaborating with Remsoft to bring together an exciting agenda. It will feature both business and technical tracks – with presentations from Remsoft, clients, Margules Groome and insider views into upcoming products, services and technical tips.

  • Build Trust With Your Stakeholders – Use Flintpro To Share Your Sustainability Journey

    8th September 2019

    The importance of building stakeholder trust has never been higher for many organisations managing large land holdings. Against the backdrop of climate change, policy makers and organisations must consider sustainability issues and be transparent about the risks and opportunities faced. Further, organisations need to understand their emissions profile across their land holdings and how their […]