A Great Success – Remsoft’s Melbourne User Group Meeting

4th December 2019
Looking across the Yarra river from Southbank to the city of Melbourne

On 29th October a group of like-minded Remsoft Woodstock modellers got together for the first Remsoft User Group Meeting in Australasia for some time. In total some 30 attendees mostly from Australia, with only 3 traveling from New Zealand. To Remsoft’s credit they made a significant investment in this meeting with 5 of their senior staff including Andrea Feunekes (Remsoft CEO) and Doug Jones (Senior VP) travelling from Eastern Canada to attend. The day was packed with great presentations from both Remsoft staff and industry members. The industry presentations ranged from HVP’s lessons learnt from their recent Remsoft Woodstock implementation to the use of Remsoft Woodstock in forest fire risk management around Canberra. It was great to hear how different organisations utilise Remsoft technologies within their businesses to provide solutions.

Andrea started the meeting with a very interesting presentation on emerging technologies, trends and industry challenges, and how Remsoft are utilising them to improve their product and service offerings into the future. Remsoft staff gave a couple of presentations on their new Road optimisation module for Woodstock and on their new cloud based operational planning system, Remsoft Operations. In our June 2019 newsletter, Margules Groome provided an overview of Remsoft Operations, so for more information refer to the article “Remsoft Operations – A New Cloud Based Solution for Daily Operations Management”. We remain impressed with this new product and believe it stand to benefit clients through a reduction in the delivered cost of logs through optimised operational level planning.  Ugo Feunekes (CTO) gave a highly interesting and technical presentation on research and development work Remsoft is doing with the LP Solver companies to improve the solve time of Woodstock models. Another great presentation was “Hints and Tips” outlining some of the newly added Woodstock syntax that will make modeller’s lives easier in future Woodstock models.

As Remsoft Business partners, Margules Groome directors; Rudolf van Rensburg and Hamish Marshall gave presentations on a regional market update and how we use Woodstock in our valuation business. A selection of the presentations are available, just email info@margulesgroome.com and we can provide you a link.