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Companies that embrace new information technology solutions are more likely to improve their efficiencies to maintain a competitive edge. Margules Groome offers a suite of forestry and agriculture technology solutions designed to help our clients improve operations planning and to achieve cost reductions. We fully support the solutions we provide through customised implementation, training and support.



LiDAR (Light Detection and Range) technology has been in use since the early 1950’s, but its commercial potential in forestry is only starting to be realised. Margules Groome staff have led the way in the use of LiDAR in New Zealand and Australian forestry industries. Although LiDAR is often seen as an expensive technology, the benefits can well outweigh its costs.

Margules Groome can guide your company through the steps required to obtain and utilise LiDAR from:

  • developing a LiDAR business case
  • managing the LiDAR data acquisition process
  • processing the LiDAR data
  • utilising LiDAR products for terrain analysis and engineering design
  • yield analysis.

Margules Groome has the experience to help you utilise LiDAR technology to reduce operational cost and maximise the return from your business.

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