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Companies that embrace new information technology solutions are more likely to improve their efficiencies to maintain a competitive edge. Margules Groome offers a suite of forestry and agriculture technology solutions designed to help our clients improve operations planning and to achieve cost reductions. We fully support the solutions we provide through customised implementation, training and support.



Geographic information systems are essential tools for natural resource management because they allow for organisation and display of spatial information, modeling of spatial relationships, and analysis of the spatial impacts of alternative decisions.

Margules Groome offers access to their highly experienced and skilled GIS specialists to help meet the GIS resourcing requirements for your company’s projects. We are skilled in all aspects of GIS data collection, data management, mapping, spatial analysis and modeling, including:

  • primary data capture from remote sensing imagery or GPS field data
  • secondary data capture from legacy maps or internet sources
  • map accuracy assessments
  • cartographic output
  • area audits
  • land suitability and productivity assessments
  • resource demand and supply modeling
  • terrain modeling
  • risk assessment from natural hazards

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