Forestry Expertise

Margules Groome’s expertise covers all the major forest types, including hardwood and softwood plantations and natural forests.

Our plantation experience includes industrial plantations for pulpwood, sawnwood, latex and biomass as well as trees grown for their fragrant properties. We bring deep technical forestry knowledge and commercial know-how to client projects based on a long history of industry and consulting experience.

Margules Groome’s regional footprint helps us to develop unique insights in such areas as:

  • Investment returns and valuation
  • forest productivity and product outturns
  • forestry costs
  • forest product demand and supply balances
  • forest product prices
  • environmental performance

Margules Groome understands land suitability and land availability for forests in the Asia Pacific region. We track land price and forest transaction information. We value forest assets and businesses in compliance with relevant national and international valuation and financial reporting standards.

We work with clients to help establish greenfield or demonstration forestry projects and work with existing companies to improve their performance (gap analysis and implementation support).
Margules Groome develops and employs the latest technologies in forest measurement (remote sensing/lidar), statistical data analysis, wood-flow and cash-flow modelling, econometric price forecasting and forest management information systems.

Our Forestry Clients

Margules Groome’s clients include forest owners (public and private), timberland investors (funds), financiers, insolvencies, insurers, NGO’s and government and regulatory agencies.

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