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Canadian firm Remsoft is the industry leader in sustainable land management. Their solutions are recognized by international standards and have transformed the forest sector on a global scale.

Margules Groome has formed an alliance with Remsoft. Through this arrangement clients in the Asia Pacific can now benefit from greater access to Remsoft’s well renowned optimisation solutions.

Remsoft uses the science of Advanced Analytics to expose risks, enable deep analysis, create plans and schedules, that enable technical, business and operational users to communicate and work together to achieve business objectives.

Remsoft software provides solutions for:

  • Valuations
  • Tradeoff analysis
  • Carbon strategies
  • Operational planning
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Higher and best-use
  • Risk management
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Harvest scheduling
  • Certification & compliance
  • Collaboration
  • Transparent, accountable defensible plans

Remsoft clients are able to identify opportunities to improve margins, increase revenue, and maximise asset value. They report savings or gains measured in the millions of dollars.

For more information, email or click here to visit Remsoft Inc.


Margules Groome is a distributer of UVIO FMIS, a modern web-based forest management information system. Installed on your own company server, clients use a standard web browser to access the system from any location with internet connectivity.

The system offers multilingual capabilities and a broad range of forest management functionalities:

  • User access and security management
  • Setup and configuration
  • Property management
  • Resource management
  • Inventory data capture and analysis
  • Silviculture maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Annual plan of operations and budget
  • Operations management
  • Harvest scheduling
  • GIS interface
  • Collaboration
  • Remsoft Woodstock interface

UVIO reports and forms can be exported to Excel, CSV files and PDF formats. Access to our demonstration site can be arranged on request.

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Modern communication is key to every business’s success. Often forestry and agricultural operations are carried out in remote rural locations. Poor cellular coverage in many rural areas globally means that achieving a full range of communication services is extremely difficult if not impossible in remote areas.

Margules Groome is at the forefront of developing innovative mobile communication solution to the forestry industry. In the next couple of months, Margules Groome, with its partner, Wireless Nation, will release a new cost effective satellite internet solution for mobile forestry operations such as silvicultural and harvesting sites.

If you are interested in further information about BUSHNET services, email


LiDAR (Light Detection and Range) technology has been in use since the early 1950’s, but its commercial potential in forestry is only starting to be realised. Margules Groome staff have led the way in the use of LiDAR in New Zealand and Australian forestry industries. Although LiDAR is often seen as an expensive technology, the benefits can well outweigh its costs.

Margules Groome can guide your company through the steps required to obtain and utilise LiDAR from:

  • developing a LiDAR business case
  • managing the LiDAR data acquisition process
  • processing the LiDAR data
  • utilising LiDAR products for terrain analysis and engineering design
  • yield analysis.

Margules Groome has the experience to help you utilise LiDAR technology to reduce operational cost and maximise the return from your business.

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Remotely sensed imagery is becoming an increasingly critical information source for the sustainable management of forest and agricultural resources.

There has been enormous recent growth in the availability of imagery and an accompanying reduction in cost. The data can be used to help answer multi-dimensional questions regarding the spatial distribution and condition of the resources, the changes to these resources spatially and over time, and the impacts of changing natural processes and human activities.

Converting the data into meaningful information for resource management, requires an understanding of the data, the methods and tools to use and their limitations. Margules Groome staff have a wealth of experience in acquiring, processing and interpreting aerial and satellite imagery combined with a sound understanding of the needs of end-users. We can assist your company in:

  • sourcing suitable imagery
  • preparing the imagery for use (georeferencing, orthorectifying, mosaicing)
  • producing forest and agricultural cover-type maps
  • mapping changes resulting from harvesting operations and natural disturbances

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Geographic information systems are essential tools for natural resource management because they allow for organisation and display of spatial information, modeling of spatial relationships, and analysis of the spatial impacts of alternative decisions.

Margules Groome offers access to their highly experienced and skilled GIS specialists to help meet the GIS resourcing requirements for your company’s projects. We are skilled in all aspects of GIS data collection, data management, mapping, spatial analysis and modeling, including:

  • primary data capture from remote sensing imagery or GPS field data
  • secondary data capture from legacy maps or internet sources
  • map accuracy assessments
  • cartographic output
  • area audits
  • land suitability and productivity assessments
  • resource demand and supply modeling
  • terrain modeling
  • risk assessment from natural hazards

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