About Us


About Us

Our History

Margules Groome Consulting is a new business with a deep heritage and is named after two pioneers of forestry consulting, John Groome in New Zealand and Ray Margules in Australia.

John Groome established J G Groome and Associates in 1962 and Ray Margules established Margules and Partners in 1967 and while the business names changed over time their principals and professionalism did not. Both were excellent foresters and forward thinkers, developing their businesses at a time when outsourcing forestry expertise was unheard of.

Unrestricted by government and corporate doctrines, they saw the future and developed their businesses providing an array of forest management services. These ranged from urban forestry, community interaction with forests, forest conservation and recreation, and investment advice in natural and planted production forests and new and emerging processing industries like engineered wood products.

What We Do

Margules Groome Consulting is owned equally by its New Zealand and Australian Directors. The company maintains the philosophy of John Groome and Ray Margules through one of the Directors who worked with them both. Their philosophy was simple, develop exceptional local skills and match these with knowledge and experience from a range of forest types, communities, countries and industries. As a result Margules Groome Consulting can provide predictable and cost efficient services on land use planning for forest and agricultural crops, the interaction of forests and communities and investment in forest management and industry development.


Our areas of expertise include the Forestry, Bio Solutions, Wood Products, Pulp, Paper, Packaging & Hygiene and Agriculture sectors. We focus on these sectors to provide our clients with deep industry knowledge and specialist insights.


The management consulting services we provided include Corporate Finance, Strategy and Sustainability, Market Analysis Insights, Operations and Tech Solutions.


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